My Achilles Heel: The Climax (You Know, the Writing One, Not… Yeah)

Do you know what the most important point in a book is? Spoiler: It’s the climax. Do you know the most important thing to be able to write as an author? Double spoiler: Also the climax. Do you know what I absolutely drop the ball at every time? Triple-dog spoiler: The Climax.

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Self-Publish or Traditionally Publish? A One-Woman Debate (Part 1, Probably)

You know how, when you’re little, you hear somebody say something once and, no matter how incredibly wrong that thing is, you believed it wholeheartedly? For example, when I was in the fourth grade, one of my friends “informed” me that babies were made by the mommy and daddy running around their bed naked. Yeah. And for literal years I honestly thought that was how babies were made. Even when I was old enough to think, “Huh, that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense,” I couldn’t be convinced otherwise… Well, until one fateful day in health class when they showed us a video chronicling the life of a baby from conception to birth. That… changed things. *shudder*

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