Woooaahhh, We’re Halfway There! (Woooaahh, Writin’ on a Prayer)

So I finally finished rewriting, editing, and revising (yes, all three of those are different things) the first half of my novel, which I figured meant that I should update the three people who follow this blog on my progress and where I’m going from here.

Writing this novel has been a long road. I started the very first rough (*shudders* very rough) draft back in December of 2014. I’d just finished my first semester of college, and after visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter I realized that I needed to be writing something magical. At that point I’d just been trying to go along with the trend of YA Dystopia, which I enjoyed, but wasn’t really a passion of mine. But visiting WWoHP reminded me that my one true passion was magic, and it helped me realize that JK Rowling doesn’t actually own the genre of YA Fantasy. So I went for it, and the rest is history.

Around November of 2016, almost a full two years and a boatload of edits later, I thought my novel was finished. I got the opportunity to pitch it to an agent at the Chicago Book Expo, and she asked me to send her the first 20 pages. Although she wasn’t ready to represent me, she did give me some great advice, saying that she felt my manuscript needed “a few more rewrites” in order to establish more of the world and magic. The thing was, I hadn’t even done one rewrite. I hadn’t thought I’d needed to. But I knew this agent knew her stuff, so I got down to business with the rewrite. And now here we are.

My novel is so much fuller now. I know I’ve talked about this before in other posts, but I can’t help how excited I am about this rewrite. I’ve invented a language. I’ve established more of the magic and how it works. I’ve changed character personalities for the better. And I can tell that this is it. This is the version of my story that I’m going to be querying to agents in the near future. Of course, I know that once an agent agrees to represent my novel, more things may have to change, but at the very least my novel is the closest it’s ever been to the version that’ll be published, and that’s really cool!

So what next? Well, I’ve got the whole second half of my book to rewrite, edit, and revise… yay. No, but seriously, I have a feeling that this half will go a lot faster, since I’ve now got everything figured out, even with the next three books. I know what things I need to foreshadow, what hints I need to drop and what things I need to keep a secret for a bit longer. Because of all that, I’m hoping everything will be smooth sailing from here. But, really, you never know.

What I do know is that I’ll definitely be revealing more things about my novel soon. Keeping things a secret is not my strong suit, and I’m excited to let you guys in on things like characters, plot, etc! For now, I think I have one small thing I can share with you…

My series title! (Or, at least, the working title.) You know, that thing that comes before the subtitle. Like A Series of Unfortunate Events. I feel pretty confident that this series title will stick, though, if only for the snazzy alliteration. Are you ready for this? Are you sure? Okay, here it is:

The Caspian Chronicles

Don’t you love it? I know I do. It was one of the first things I figured out about this novel, even before I had the plot! Hopefully that’ll wet your appetite until I’m able to tell you a bit more. For now, thanks for following along on my writing journey! Here’s hoping we make it to the finish line!


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