A Fuller, Richer Telling (AKA The Fruits of My Rewriting Labor)

So a while ago I made a post about how I was working on a rewrite of my novel. Remember? I was super hyped about it? Well… I’M STILL HYPED! Y’all, I’m so excited about how this rewrite is going. It just feels like the one, you know? Like, this is it. I mean, I’ll still need to go through everything I’ve written after this and do a few minor edits, but this is definitely the version I’m going to be sending off to agents. That’s enough to push me faster than ever toward the finish line.

But what do I mean by ‘A Fuller, Richer Telling’? Well, basically, what I mean is that the skeleton that used to be my manuscript is now developing into a full being, with muscle, skin, blood, and all of the other gross anatomy words I can think of. To put it in perspective, let’s take a look at word and page count before and after, keeping in mind that I’m almost, but not quite, halfway through my rewrite. That means I only have a little under half of the novel finished at this point.

So. My previous manuscript–the one I thought I would be sending off to literary agents–was 68,519 words, which equaled out to 236 pages (these totals are including chapter headings and page breaks). That was a decently sized novel. Well over the recommended 50,000 words for a Young Adult novel, which mine is. But for a Fantasy novel, which mine also is, it was a little short. That was bare bones. Not nearly enough world building or characterization or imagery or even plot. Just a little bit of each. And I thought that was something I could send off to an agent! HA! In comparison, my current rewrite is at 46,045 words, which makes 150 pages (again, including chapter headings and page breaks). I know, I know. “Leighton,” you say, “both of those totals are less than your original manuscript! What’s so impressive about that?” To which I respond: I’m only halfway through with my rewrite, remember? Suddenly, those numbers become a lot more impressive, right? I’m only 20,000 words (give or take a couple thousand) away from the count of my finished novel while I’m only halfway done. That’s a lot of meat added to those bones!

Basically, I’m hoping that my book is getting closer to ending at around 100,000 words, which is closer to the word counts of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. I definitely don’t want to end up writing the next Game of Thrones, though (in word count, I mean, because the success would be great), so I’ll have to be careful, but I really don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering why I’m bragging about all of this. Like, yes, it’s cool, but is it brag worthy? Well… I mean, yeah. Because this means my story has become “richer” and “fuller,” which is something all authors should aspire to with their writing. I’m learning that, just because I see and know it, that doesn’t mean the reader automatically does. I’ve got to show it to them. Explain it. And that’s been a long road of discovery, but I think it’s finally paying off. Who knows? I may be able to start telling you guys a bit more about my novel in the near (well, relatively near) future! Wouldn’t that be cool?

So here’s to the future of my novel! Here’s hoping all goes well and that I become a published author soon! *raises cup*


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