A Fuller, Richer Telling (AKA The Fruits of My Rewriting Labor)

So a while ago I made a post about how I was working on a rewrite of my novel. Remember? I was super hyped about it? Well… I’M STILL HYPED! Y’all, I’m so excited about how this rewrite is going. It just feels like the one, you know? Like, this is it. I mean, I’ll still need to go through everything I’ve written after this and do a few minor edits, but this is definitely the version I’m going to be sending off to agents. That’s enough to push me faster than ever toward the finish line.

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Writing Revelations

If you’re an author, you probably know what I’m talking about. Those moments when you’re just sitting there, not really doing anything, and then… WHAM. An idea hits you like a sack of bricks. And then, suddenly, that plot hole you’ve been worrying over for months has somehow fixed itself in one instant of creative genius. It’s a revelation. A magical experience where you want to call everyone you’ve ever known and tell them all about this fantastic idea you had, even if they don’t know that you’re writing a novel, much less what said novel is about.

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