Rewriting Is Magical, and Nobody Can Tell Me Otherwise

I found my motivation! Really, I knew that I would. Writers block doesn’t last forever, though it’s always scary when you get it. It’s almost like a really bad flu that has you practically living in the bathroom. Sure, you know that eventually you’ll get better and then it’ll be like none of it ever happened, but there’s always a small part of you that worries that you’ll never get better and that you’ll be sleeping on that tile floor for the rest of your life. I always worry that this will be the writers block that does me in, and I’ll never write another word again.

As usual, the best cure for writer’s block was just sitting down and writing. I think that what was really holding me back was that I was in my own head too much. I was worried about editing as I went (which was a habit I thought that I’d kicked, but apparently not), which was severely killing my mood every time I opened my laptop. So this time I simply sat down and wrote, without worrying about fixing any inconsistencies. That will come later. Right now I just need to get this rewrite done.

Speaking of the rewrite, I don’t think I ever actually explained in detail what I was doing with my novel right now. I’ve possibly mentioned it on my YouTube channel, but never here. So, currently my novel is ‘complete,’ in that it has a beginning, middle, and end. I’ve done quite a few edits of it (and, I mean, a lot of edits. At least five, but probably more like seven or eight), but now I’ve started rewriting. For those of you who don’t know or understand the differences between editing and rewriting, I’m going to be posting a “Let’s Talk About Writing” about it sometime in April. For now, though, the long and short of it is that editing is small fixes like grammar and whatnot, whereas rewriting is big fixes, where you put aside your original draft and work almost from scratch to literally rewrite it. That might sound crazy, but trust me, it’s magical.

So yeah, I’m rewriting, and everything is falling into place. My characters are rounding out, I’ve finalized my POV (First Person), I’ve added some much needed detail and imagery, etc. Basically, it’s actually starting to resemble a legitimate novel, which is very exciting. My motivation is back at full-force, so I’m getting a lot done in a very short amount of time. I’m sure that soon the motivation will die down a little, and then I’ll have to make sure that I’ve got the discipline to keep going. Something that definitely helps my motivation, though, is the deadline that I’ve set for myself. I’m going to have my book published, or at least in the process of being published, by the end of my senior year if it kills me. And trust me, once I’ve set my mind on something, it’s hard to keep me from it. So check your local bookstores sometime between 2017 and 2019 for the name Leighton Jae Williams, because it will be there on a book whose title I cannot disclose just yet.

Have any of you guys attempted a rewrite before? How did that go for you? And have you ever set a goal for yourself, whether it be for your writing or something else in your life? How did it go? I want to hear about your experiences in the comments!


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